I know that this isn’t the easiest time for many of us. Wearing masks 🎭 can’t have close contact with the one we love.. but in this time we still fight. Against the spread of the virus 🦠 For more equality for women, the LGBTQ+, BIPOC, freedom, respect of all kind of creatures & against pollution (veganism). I’m sad that we still need to do this in a so called enlightened society we live in. But I’m glad social media gave us more power to our voices to support those topics. Even if there are many downsides. When the topic BLM ✊🏿 came up in the news I spend a lot of time to educate myself more about it. I’m just a migrant in Germany who for sure suffered from racism in my childhood, but as a POC it’s still different as a “white” boy. In the past I’ve already worked on that topic in my editorials and used from day one diverse models and tried to push boundaries within my clients. It worked not that often, but I’m happy that the voices from all over the world start to make things change. In this editorial it’s also about racism. Life is no chess game where “black & white” players have equal chances to „win“ that game .. if you interested more on the why I shot things here like I did you can ask. Usually I don’t a lot about the stories behind me editorials and they lok. like fun or cool stories .. but often i have a deeper Concept behind it. I see art as finished after it’s done. People can like or dislike my images or even start to think what I meant by those. But normally I don’t care. Here it’s different. I like to talk to the audience and say from my position that there must be change. And we the people can make things change. In Germany a Wall Fall 31 years ago. But there are many other wall that have to fall that seem invisible for many people. BLM
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